2018 State of Cross-Device Digital Shopping

Browse, Click, Buy: Shopping across screens in 2018

More than 96% of all American adults engage with an e-commerce property at least once a month.* Consumers use a variety of devices to research, shop, and complete their purchases. To understand today’s digital shopper, it’s imperative to look at the full funnel view, the path before and after purchase, on multiple screens.

In this presentation, we highlight real-world examples from consumers across devices on top shopping platforms. You'll learn:

  • What does the shopper funnel view look like? See which properties are visited most before or after shopping, including day-in-the-life and week-in-the-life views of key demographics.
  • Who is the online shopper? How often do different demographics shop, how much time do they spend shopping, and when do they shop? How are online shopping behaviors different depending on demographics?
  • How do consumers behave differently with different shopping platforms? Understand how Macy's, Groupon, Wish, Target, Google, and Amazon consumers interact when they’re shopping.
  • How does multitasking play a part in shopping? Understand the other apps consumers are using while shopping, which may influence their purchase decision.

* Source: Verto Analytics data from December 2017.

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