Consumer Behavior in 2018: Three Trends to Watch

Consumer mobile behavior tends to shift rapidly, and sometimes in some very subtle ways. It is imperative for brands, advertisers, and publishers to adopt increasingly targeted and sophisticated ways of tracking the consumer’s digital journey, especially considering the constant proliferation of new products, content, and user interfaces all designed to capture — and hold — our attention.

Our latest report presents Verto Analytics’ findings and analysis on consumer behavior, reflecting proprietary data (gathered between 2016 and 2017) from U.S. adult (aged 18 and above) audiences. Based on this data, our team has identified trends we predict will strongly impact brands, advertisers, agencies, and digital publishing companies in the coming year:

Report highlights include:

  • Mobile Gaming Stagnates Have we reached the end of the road, at least for the moment, when it comes to mobile gaming hits?
  • How Consumers Spend Their Time Online While individual consumers still spend the bulk of their online time on social media, communications tools, and games, their attention — or the amount of time they spend — is shifting toward other types of content.
  • Keeping Pace With Digital Consumer Behavior These new and sometimes subtle changes in consumer behavior mean we must adapt how we measure new devices and surrounding services. Verto weighs in on two of the most important emerging metrics to track.

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