The Connected Marketer | What It Is and Why You Must Become One

Status Quo Marketers hold on to a bygone era of advertising by flooding the market with cross-channel promotions and messaging in the hopes of grabbing an individual’s attention. They struggle to absorb, and maybe, ignore critical facts about how consumer behavior has changed. Connected Marketers, on the other hand, understand that grabbing a person's attention involves a value exchange. These marketers use insights and data to learn when and where to reach the individual and how to meet her needs, on her terms.

This presentation highlights what it means to be a Connected Marketer and why it’s critical to make that shift now.

We’ll explore:

  • Attributes of the Connected Individual and the Connected Marketer
  • How marketers use data and insights to engage with consumers
  • Shining examples of companies who embrace connected marketing
  • How to make the shift now

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