Using Measurement Panels & Survey Research to Track Consumer Path to Purchase

With the explosion of digital channels, content, and devices, a consumer’s path-to-purchase becomes more convoluted as she researches, browses, compares brands across screens and using apps and sites. Brands and retailers are still in the dark about some important aspects of the consumer’s journey. To keep pace with consumers, it's important to measure not only what they do but why they do it.

In this presentation, we examine how leading brands have used behavioral data and survey research to improve a myriad of outcomes, from brand engagement to conversions.

We'll cover:

  • The key indicators that brands struggle to asses including ad effectiveness and cross-channel activity
  • How to use single-source measurement panel data to get more accurate, actionable insights
  • Assessing how survey data can help complete the picture of the consumer journey
  • Applying insights to improve campaign outcomes

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