Verto Audience Spotlight: Social Media Savvy Millennials

Our new series, Audience Spotlight, provides a cross-device, consumer-centric view on a specific audience, with a deep dive into user demographics and rich behavioral metrics on an audience segment. This month we focus on a high-value audience - Social Media Savvy Millennials, users between the ages of 18-35 who comprise the top 20% of all digital consumers based on the amount of time they spend on social media apps and sites.

In this presentation, we dig into some of the most actionable data about Social Media Savvy Millennials, including:

  • How do the gender and household income distribution of Millennials stack up against the U.S. adult online population?
  • Which devices and apps are Social Media Savvy Millennials using and when?
  • Beyond Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat, where else do Social Media Savvy Millennials spend their time?

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